Dani Nicole is a breakout Rhythmic/Pop artist based in Los Angeles, who began singing as a young girl, honing her powerhouse voice in the church and school choirs. Her voice cannot be compared.

With the help of Seriously Music and Sound Design. Dani’s YouTube covers of Whitney, Mariah, Ne-Yo Rihanna, and more, have generated a large following. Garnering close to 700,000 views, Dani has fans from the U.S. to the Philippines, the U.K. to Brazil. Dani’s Los Angeles following resulted in her sold-out shows, at notable venues such as The Roxy and The Knitting Factory.

Upon releasing a handful of independent Eps on iTunes and Amazon produced by Seriously Music and Sound Design, Dani celebrated her debut, with an appearance at Los Angeles’ Cinespace sponsored by Clear Channel’s KIIS FM. She participated in UCLA’s Spring Sing competition, winning the title previously held by recording artists Maroon Five and Sara Bareilles. She was also named Best National Female Vocalist by The Contemporary A Cappella Society Of America. Dani’s soulful and patriotic rendition of the National Anthem at NASCAR has led other organizations, such as the Orangutan Foundation International,  to request her performance at their events. Dani regularly gives her time working with the kids in the music department at “A Place Called Home,” a community center in South Central LA, that provides a positive environment for at-risk kids to flourish. She recognizes the importance using her talent as a vehicle to support non-profit organizations and other causes.

A self-proclaimed Michael Jackson fanatic, Dani’s inspiration comes from other artists such as Prince, Rihanna, Aretha, Usher, Lady Gaga, Adele, Jessie J, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and, yes still Michael Jackson.



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