Safe Passage


Happy Valentine’s Day to a day of beauty and the women at Safe Passage. Thank you for making a difference.

Dani Nicole sings “You Are So Beautiful to Me” to the women of Safe Passage.

Stepping Stones to a New Life is a program, which is designed to equip women and their children of Domestic Violence to be productive members of society, willing to give back and help other women and their children who are in the same situation. This program takes commitment, determination and willingness to change. With their new confidence and the support of the Safe Passage Team of Specialists, they will be able to move forward with a new successful life. The team brings their talents and expertise to transform the women and their children self-esteem by giving them the tools needed to overcome the scars of domestic violence and mental abuse.

Dani Nicole to Perform at APCH’s Annual “GALA for the Children” Wed., Dec. 5th, 2012

Hey fam!! As you may know, I have been involved with amazing organization A Place Called Home for a little over a year now, hanging with the kids in the music department and doing activities and events with them. A few months ago, I was asked to be a featured artist on their annual fundraiser album. A song called “Waiting” was born from a few of the kids’ life experiences, I mentored the writing process and recorded my vocals. Now, this coming Wednesday, December 5th, I will be performing the song with the band (all kids from APCH) at their annual GALA Fundraiser at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
These kids hold a special place in my heart and I am so excited to perform with them. Please visit the site, donate if you can and contribute to their flourishing creativity!!

***Special shout out to APCH members, Jasmin and Naldo (@MyNameIsNaldo), writers of “Waiting” for inviting me to be a part of their writing process.  To Joaquin Pacheco, Studio Engineer/Instructor and original producer of “Waiting, for always welcoming me to be a part of his class and all of his hard work with the kids. To Charyn Harris, Conductor of Music Programs at APCH for her support of all things creative!  To my manager and producer, Michael Joseph of, for his vocal production of “Waiting” and his endless dedication to my career and teaching me how important it is to give back!!